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paraplegic-legs-youtube(Good News Network) Twelve patients who became paraplegics due to injuries have just been reclassified as only “partially paralyzed” thanks to a new kind of virtual reality therapy. Twice a week for an hour a day, the patients were given a virtual reality headset in which they were able to move the legs of their avatar in the projection using only their brain waves.

Scientists then tracked down and connected to the parts of their brain sending those neurons and used them to create an exoskeleton that was controlled the same way. However, after using the exoskeleton for a year, scientists were amazed to find that the patients were regaining muscle control over their bodies.

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china-usa(USA Today) Last week, an international tribunal at The Hague sided with the United States and eviscerated one of China’s most contentious claims of sovereignty.

For years, Beijing has insisted that practically all of the South China Sea — a vital waterway that supports one-third of the world’s shipping trade — is the “blue national soil” of China.

Unsurprisingly, other nations who look upon the sea from their shores (namely Vietnam and the Philippines) have never agreed.

The U.S. has urged both Vietnam and the Philippines to stand tall against China. All the while, the U.S. military has deployed its superior fleet of drones and warships into the sea to scare China into submission.

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I feel the need to march in solidarity with my fellow community members that have been left feeling hurt, alone and like no one will listen to them or that no one cares about their lives. They do matter! And for so many of my other neighbors, to go on thinking that the pain isn’t real, that the fear isn’t valid, that it’s just reactionary histrionics or that it has anything to do with politics, then you’re denying history… distant and recent.

The challenges we face today will take spiritual healing and humility. But they also require assertive action to bring about the needed change. Count me in! Remember that a liberty lost to one is a liberty lost to all. How can anyone see what is going on and not stand up? Own what you see being done to others as if it is being done to you. That is love.

Which side of history are you going to be on? Peace, love, hope and justice or fear, anger, division and hate? Choose the previous. I’ll be right by your side.

mattmichsHello friends,

I’ve spent the better part of the past 20 years doing my best to carve out neutral space for people to have a free-flowing, independent and engaging dialogue about current happenings, news events, community challenges and personal successes. We have laughed together, we have cried together and we have gotten active together – when needed. I have no allegiance or leaning to any corporation, political party or special interest. And above all, I respect and appreciate all that want a seat at the table of American Life – and I am willing to continue fighting for that.

Hardly a day goes by that I’m not asked about returning to the microphone. The times seem to be calling for a fresh approach. I so appreciate that people care enough about how I carry a program that they still want it. Well, truth is, I had to wait for gravity to pull my heart into it. I needed to know that it felt right in my soul to re-engage. That has happened. But rather than start another radio station, or work for a corporation or even have to split my time between serving my community and selling advertising, a friend patreon-logo-05showed me the strengths and accountability of crowd sourcing, or direct patronage approach where I work for my community directly. No middle men. So… I have launched a fund through Patreon.
This fund, on the front end, will help pay to bring in an engineer to construct a brand new, fully functional, broadcast studio and cover other start up needs. From there, moving forward, it will help cover ongoing costs and monthly expenses, production, licensing and expanded distribution of the program – as well as allow for growth of new digital platforms. I want to deliver this new program at the level of professionalism, and personal interaction, that people have come to expect from me. Through this fund, you will help make the platform a reality – and keep it growing. This is as true a return to “Programming for and by the People” as there could possibly be! And that really excites my soul. I hope it does yours too.

By pledging your support (of whatever amount you want, from $1/month to $100) you can empower a safe haven where there is civility, humor and truth, without it depending on anyone but us, working together, to keep it going.

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cops-attend-autistic-boys-birthday-fb-north-port-pd(Good News Network) When no one sent an RSVP after being invited to a birthday party for an autistic boy, the local police department showed up in force. Daniel Nicastro’s autism makes it hard for him to make friends–and no one had shown up for his previous two birthdays. His parents didn’t want to see him disappointed again, so they sent an invitation to the North Port, Florida Police Department to invite Daniel’s favorite heroes. The parents thought maybe one or two officers might stop by, but the cops kept coming. They brought police-themed gifts and seven of them posed for a picture with Daniel.

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636010760689572533-ashbrd-03-14-2016-act-1-a011-2016-03-11-img-tom-apodaca-1-1-5gdnbnqk-l775013539-img-tom-apodaca-1-1-5gdnbnqk(Asheville Citizen-Times) A Republican senator’s proposal to fundamentally change Asheville City Council elections would knock out almost half of the current members right off the bat. A map of proposed election districts obtained by the Citizen-Times would pit five of seven council incumbents against each other, “double bunking” and even “triple bunking” them into the same districts. Asked Wednesday if the map was final — or if it would change before being submitted with the bill — Sen. Tom Apodaca responded via text, saying he was “looking at a couple of things.” He didn’t answer a phone call Wednesday afternoon, but texted back, saying the Senate was in session and he was on the floor.

Apodaca is the GOP chair of the powerful rules committee and represents Henderson and Transylvania counties and a small piece of South Asheville in Buncombe. Almost a week ago, he said he was considering mandating district elections, something that would come over protests from Asheville’s elected officials and the four other state lawmakers from Buncombe who represent parts of the city. The Democrats, who are in the minority in the General Assembly, said Apodaca told them he didn’t expect them to support the bill and would move forward despite their concerns.

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636002289746170936-shapiro01(US Today: Column) A popular third-party candidate could frustrate Trump and Clinton, putting the 12th Amendment in play. In this extraordinary presidential election, when the presumptive nominees of both major parties have historically low approval ratings, many Americans are looking for other options. But the structural obstacles facing third-party and independent candidates — ranging from campaign-finance regulations to ballot-access rules — prevent viable alternatives. Add in the common sentiment that a vote for someone other than a Republican or Democrat is “wasted” and it’s clear that, assuming they do get their respective parties’ nomination, nobody other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton has a chance to win, right?

Actually, it’s not so simple. While it’s inconceivable that anyone other than the major-party candidates could win the popular vote, it’s possible that nobody wins a majority in the electoral college. If there’s no electoral majority, the 12th Amendment specifies that the House of Representatives, voting by state, will choose the president among the top three.

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38-1100x734(Mountain XPress)  Singer-songwriter Matt Townsend usually performs with an acoustic guitar, either solo or with his band, The Wonder of the World. And he writes his songs for that configuration — drums and bass. But, he says, “a lot of times I’ll hear other parts.” A fully orchestrated tune is just a dream to many musicians, but that vision was realized for Townsend when the Asheville Symphony Orchestra tapped him for a collaborative album project. The eight-track record, The Asheville Symphony Sessions, will be released on Thursday, May 26, with a celebration at The Orange Peel.

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art_fr(Smoky Mountain News)  For 45 years, The Allman Brothers Band took rock-n-roll and stretched it into the unlimited possibilities of blues and jazz. They were an empty canvas of melodic influences that encompassed broad, rich paint strokes of English hard rock pioneers Cream, jazz improvisation maestro John Coltrane, and Chicago blues master Muddy Waters.

At their core, the Macon, Georgia, based Allmans represented the “human condition,” the good the bad and the ugly of what America stood for — and also wanted to stray away from as the 1960s and 1970s ticked away — while the layers of an aggressively oppressive country peeled away like an endless onion of change and national dialogue. It was bridging the societal gap between the stifling, racist culture of Jim Crow laws within the southern states and the progressive mindset set forth by those who ventured beyond the Mason-Dixon Line for the better part of a century.

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04131619371-1100x1467(Mountain XPress) By day, Grayson Morris is a preschool teacher, by night, a standup comedian. For the last five years she’s honed her craft. Most of her material comes from her everyday life: being single and poor and working with young children. This past Wednesday night, her hard work paid off. Morris found herself the opening act for Louis C.K.’s surprise benefit show at the Orange Peel.

The day before, Morris, along with a handful of other local comedians were told by the Orange Peel management that tickets would be going on sale for “someone famous.” Early Wednesday, they learned it was C.K. That afternoon, Morris discovered her name was in consideration as the opener. “I was very excited about the prospect, but I didn’t want to get too excited because I knew it could go either way.”

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teachers-1(Good News Network) On February 26th, eleven teachers at Southern Lehigh High School in Pennsylvania agreed to go Bald for Bucks in support of their annual Pennies for Patients fundraiser.

The only female participating teacher, Spanish teacher Mrs. Joan Imms-Geiser, shaved her head for $4,000. After the haircut she was greeted by her husband, who presented her with flowers and took a seat in barber’s chair himself, saying, “I’m not letting you do this alone.”

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