6,000 Feet… (A photo essay)

7-5-15 142Writing and photos by Matt Mittan
(Inspired by, and documented within, Mt Mitchell State Park, NC. Most of the photos were taken along the Balsam Trail around the Summit of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.)

Something happens at 6,000 ft…

7-5-15 181

The trees crawl like snails across the forest floor.

7-5-15 169

7-5-15 170

7-5-15 191

Softly, slowly, intentionally hugging the passive stones as they seek damp rays of sunlight peaking through the heavy, dark evergreen canopy air.

7-5-15 193

7-5-15 161

7-5-15 190

Songbirds hide their heavenly serenades until a visitor has made good on a committed payment of silent time, sitting frozen and still.

7-5-15 152

7-5-15 154

Upon fulfillment of that debt they will happily begin to sing a tapestry of Morse code that is easily received and applied to the moment by your softened spirit.

7-5-15 159

7-5-15 172

To walk through this majestic Eden in haste is akin to sitting beneath a splendid sunset with your eyes fixed upon your feet.

7-5-15 164

7-5-15 175

You must move slow. You must think slow. And you must allow yourself to grow by mere molecules at a time, as does the vegetation beneath the moss covered logs.

7-5-15 166

7-5-15 143

Here, in this world that time forgot, even a simple blade of grass can define and forge the shape of larger living things.

7-5-15 165

7-5-15 144

Don’t speak. Focus your energies and absorption within your other senses. Listen deeply.

7-5-15 147

7-5-15 155

7-5-15 184

Feel the earths  breath on your skin. Decipher and retain the smells carried by the thin air breeze.

7-5-15 168

7-5-15 163

7-5-15 173

Pay attention to the spaces you see between the shadows and the light.

7-5-15 148

7-5-15 151

7-5-15 160

The mountain will reward you with humility,  perspective, inspiration and rejuvenation.

7-5-15 182

7-5-15 176

7-5-15 179

This is what happens at 6,000 ft.

7-5-15 158

7-5-15 177

By reaching the summits of the land you can unlock the depths of your soul.

7-5-15 135

That’s when you truly begin to live.

7-5-15 139

~ Copyright 2015, Matt Mittan, Asheville, NC


3 thoughts on “6,000 Feet… (A photo essay)”

  1. Very nice Matt. Some beautiful shots of place of sublime beauty. Now I’m planning our trip to the mountains before summer gets away!

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