Photo courtesy of Carrie Biney

I feel the need to march in solidarity with my fellow community members that have been left feeling hurt, alone and like no one will listen to them or that no one cares about their lives. They do matter! And for so many of my other neighbors, to go on thinking that the pain isn’t real, that the fear isn’t valid, that it’s just reactionary histrionics or that it has anything to do with politics, then you’re denying history… distant and recent.

The challenges we face today will take spiritual healing and humility. But they also require assertive action to bring about the needed change. Count me in! Remember that a liberty lost to one is a liberty lost to all. How can anyone see what is going on and not stand up? Own what you see being done to others as if it is being done to you. That is love.

Which side of history are you going to be on? Peace, love, hope and justice or fear, anger, division and hate? Choose the previous. I’ll be right by your side.