mattmichsHello friends,

I’ve spent the better part of the past 20 years doing my best to carve out neutral space for people to have a free-flowing, independent and engaging dialogue about current happenings, news events, community challenges and personal successes. We have laughed together, we have cried together and we have gotten active together – when needed. I have no allegiance or leaning to any corporation, political party or special interest. And above all, I respect and appreciate all that want a seat at the table of American Life – and I am willing to continue fighting for that.

Hardly a day goes by that I’m not asked about returning to the microphone. The times seem to be calling for a fresh approach. I so appreciate that people care enough about how I carry a program that they still want it. Well, truth is, I had to wait for gravity to pull my heart into it. I needed to know that it felt right in my soul to re-engage. That has happened. But rather than start another radio station, or work for a corporation or even have to split my time between serving my community and selling advertising, a friend patreon-logo-05showed me the strengths and accountability of crowd sourcing, or direct patronage approach where I work for my community directly. No middle men. So… I have launched a fund through Patreon.
This fund, on the front end, will help pay to bring in an engineer to construct a brand new, fully functional, broadcast studio and cover other start up needs. From there, moving forward, it will help cover ongoing costs and monthly expenses, production, licensing and expanded distribution of the program – as well as allow for growth of new digital platforms. I want to deliver this new program at the level of professionalism, and personal interaction, that people have come to expect from me. Through this fund, you will help make the platform a reality – and keep it growing. This is as true a return to “Programming for and by the People” as there could possibly be! And that really excites my soul. I hope it does yours too.

By pledging your support (of whatever amount you want, from $1/month to $100) you can empower a safe haven where there is civility, humor and truth, without it depending on anyone but us, working together, to keep it going.

CLICK HERE to become a patron today. Thank you so much!

Yours in service,