(Today) Robert McCoy completed a half-marathon over the weekend, but on Monday, his race medal went to the police officer who helped him cross the finish line.  McCoy had just turned the final corner of the route Saturday, part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Savannah, Georgia. He was about 200 yards from the finish line when he took a tumble, hitting his head on the asphalt and scraping up his face, knees and the back of his shoulder. “I just saw him hit the pavement and hit it pretty hard,” said Sgt. John Cain of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department. He and other officers assigned to the area rushed to McCoy’s side.

“He was bleeding pretty good at the time, and he kept saying, in a whispering type of voice, ‘I’ve got to finish this race. Please help me, I’ve got to finish the race,'” Cain told TODAY.com. “At that point, I knew he had some mission he needed to accomplish. My heart bled for him. Literally, my heart went out to him.”

As it turned out, McCoy was running the race in honor of his father, who passed away from cancer this past April.

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