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(Asheville Citizen-Times)  Erwin High School will hold a community meeting Wednesday morning in the wake of concerns over signs posted outside a classroom as part of a homework assignment tied to immigration.  One sign read “Illegals Go Home.” Another read “America is for Americans.” Photos of the signs were posted on social media, prompting concerns from the community and students. Students in an Erwin High civics and economics class were studying changing viewpoints on immigration, according to Brian Gonzales, social studies department chair. The teacher had an honors class and a standard class. Students in the honors class were asked to write an essay. Students in the standard class were asked to come up with a bumper sticker. Just a handful of the 30 or so signs reflected an anti-undocumented immigrant viewpoint, Gonzales said. But school officials say the signs should not have been posted in the hallway without the context of the lesson.

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