High School of Entrepreneurship opens its doors

(Fresno Bee) Students entering the Phillip J. Patiño School of Entrepreneurship for the first time on Monday quickly noticed things were different. The new school, on Cambridge Avenue north of Fresno City College’s Euless Park, looks more like a university campus than a public high school. The open, modern design of the $12 million school building features no desks for students. Instead, there are round tables for group meetings. Students are encouraged to write their ideas on the school’s glass walls with markers during brainstorming sessions. Class starts around 9 a.m. to mimic the average work day, and teachers often work together in teams to encourage collaboration among students. “I’m not going to stand up at the front of the classroom and lecture,” history teacher Sue Gularte told students Monday, the first day of school for the Fresno Unified School District. “Sometimes you work apart and sometimes you work together. It works like a company.” Patiño is the first public high school in the country that aims to graduate all students with a well-developed plan to start their own business.

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