High School of Entrepreneurship opens its doors

(Fresno Bee) Students entering the Phillip J. Patiño School of Entrepreneurship for the first time on Monday quickly noticed things were different. The new school, on Cambridge Avenue north of Fresno City College’s Euless Park, looks more like a university campus than a public high school. The open, modern design of the $12 million school building features no desks for students. Instead, there are round tables for group meetings. Students are encouraged to write their ideas on the school’s glass walls with markers during brainstorming sessions. Class starts around 9 a.m. to mimic the average work day, and teachers often work together in teams to encourage collaboration among students. “I’m not going to stand up at the front of the classroom and lecture,” history teacher Sue Gularte told students Monday, the first day of school for the Fresno Unified School District. “Sometimes you work apart and sometimes you work together. It works like a company.” Patiño is the first public high school in the country that aims to graduate all students with a well-developed plan to start their own business.

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Barber gives free haircuts to kids in exchange for them reading to him

(Associated Press) Children who read books to a local barber have received a free haircut as part of a community event in Dubuque to help families prepare for the upcoming school year. Barber Courtney Holmes traded the tales for trims on Saturday during the second annual Back to School Bash in Comiskey Park. Tayshawn Kirby, 9, of Dubuque, read from “Fats, Oils and Sweets,” by Carol Parenzan Smalley, informing Holmes that the average person eats 150 pounds of sugar each year. Before Tayshawn’s 10-year-old brother, Titan Feeney, took his turn in the barber chair, he told his brother the new look was great. “I just want to support kids reading,” Holmes said.

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“Friends for Life” Connects Caring People To Lonely Seniors In Need

(Good News Network) In the United States, more than 11 million senior citizens live alone. Everyone should have someone in their world who cares, and that’s what our group Friends For Life is all about: people taking time to care for the elderly living alone, or in nursing homes who have no visitors. We demonstrate that people care. In Waco, Texas, we serve as legal guardians for people who are not able to make decisions for themselves. We find them safe places to live, make sure they are clothed and fed–even meet them at the emergency room at 2 a.m., if needed. It all started while I was visiting my father in the hospital one day when I heard a woman screaming.  I went to see what was wrong and found a woman who was close to ninety years old.  She was crying.  She said, “I’m dying and I don’t want to die alone, please don’t leave me!”

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Chick-fil-A owner paid employees’ salaries during 5 month remodeling

(KVUE News) Northwest Austin residents can finally get their Chick-fil-A fix again; the West Braker Lane and U.S. 183 location reopened Wednesday after a five-month remodel. The franchise owner said it needed to grow with Austin’s population — the new building is double the size of the original and now has a third drive-thru lane. Jeff Glover, who has operated the restaurant for 15 years, continued to pay his 50 employees during the remodel. “I thought to myself, ‘I don’t want my group to have to forgo their salaries,'” he said. As an extra incentive, Glover gave all of his employees a $1 per hour raise. Norma Baynes, one of the managers at the restaurant, said this type of generosity usually doesn’t happen in today’s business climate. “I’ve been here for over a decade and I can’t put into words how much this means,” she said. The workers were required to do some online testing while the store was closed, and Glover is expected to hire additional workers.

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101-year-old woman descended a 300+ foot tower on a rope, for charity

(Mashable) Your last charity run you doesn’t seem quite so impressive now, does it? A 101-year-old woman beat her own record as the world’s oldest abseiler when she lowered herself down 100 metres (328 feet) of Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower in the UK once again on Sunday. Doris Long, who took up the sport at the age of 85, first pulled off the stunt at Portsmouth when she turned 100 last May. She was raising money for Rowans Hospice in Waterlooville, and told the BBC that she wasn’t scared during her descent. “I don’t feel afraid and never have, I just have a placid nature,” she said. “It was very hard work, much harder than last year,” she added. “It was so windy I swung about a bit but oh yes, I enjoyed it, I feel it’s well worth it.”

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