(Asheville Citizen-Times) Asheville is in no danger of losing its star power when it comes to top 10 lists. Travel + Leisure magazine, for example, pegged the city this week as 10th favorite among readers in the U.S. and Canada. But the city and areas surrounding it have yet to stand out when it comes to the nation’s struggle to grow middle class jobs at a faster rate than those paying little or those offering better-than-average wages. Like much of the country, Asheville and Buncombe County experienced weakest growth in middle-class jobs over a five-year period ending at the close of 2014 as compared to increases in jobs at the margins, according to data in a new report. Jobs that pay in the middle 50 percent wage range grew least quickly, as compared to highest and lowest 25 percent wage-earners, according to data compiled by Tom Tveidt, an Asheville-based research economist.

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