(Fox 8 News)  Pistols permits could be eliminated altogether in North Carolina. This is thanks to a House Bill 562, which would amend multiple firearm laws. However, one portion of it would do away with certain general statutes; those which apply to pistol permits. “I really don’t think the people that sponsor this legislation have a lot of ill intent, I think the problem is that they don’t really understand the significance of what it is they’re trying to do,” said Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson. “The problem with that is that, the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check) system doesn’t include local assaults, including domestic assaults, which are an automatic disqualifier,” Atkinson said. The NICS system is that which is used by store owners to do background checks on potential buyers. Atkinson and several other sheriffs also argued that they know things on the local level that store owners would not be privy to.

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